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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

25 de Agosto

Grammar test went better than I expected! I was a little worried about it but I checked some answers right after I took it and I think I did better than I did on my midterm for it so we'll see!
The rest of my classes kind of went by a little slower than usual just because it's interesting but it's not worth anything so I'm not as motivated but culture was still interesting, we talked about Holy Week and how it's sooo big here in Spain!
Today we have an ISA meeting where we'll find out what time we leave for Madrid (I'm assuming really early) and then we get to do a guided tour with the new ISA director Teresa through the University!!! I'm so excited cus i"ve seen the actaul university on my own time but it's going to be so interesting to hear what everything means. I'm excited to see all the chapels and of course the library in the university. The library has a wonderful ceiling mural and is the 3rd most important library in Europe for Catholics! I love all the history of this town, I think I take in everything more than most and write everything just because I picked Salamanca on purpose because I knew of its history before in my classes so it means more. Everyone else picked it because it worked with their schedule or for the price. But me and this city are meant to be and I love learning EVERY detail of it! Oh, I forgot to tell you..I found the astronaut in the New Cathedral..you know how there's the lucky frog you have to find on the university's door? well someone after we landed on the moon put an astronaut as one of the decorations on the massive cathedral doors so we finally found it with the help of our german friend max!
(*Sidenote: I can't believe it's 4 weeks to this day I've been here. It seems like just yesterday. There's so many more things I want to see, learn, eat, do, etc here! I wish I could wrap Salamanca up and take it with me; most beautiful place ever. If I could vacation somewhere again I'd go somewhere else in Spain but definitely visit Salamanca, I feel like it's been a great home to me and I've tried to be great to it. I've talked Spanish the most out of my group and some locals or teachers have pointed it out! This whole experience has just changed me for the better, I can't describe it but I feel that I understand more about life and how to react to things and what's actually important and I'm forever grateful for this experience!!!!)
-I will write more about the day/night later when more happens, siesta time now! Love you!


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