Mi Busqueda para Espana y Yo

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

August 16 - 18: Salamanca

Lunes (Monday):
*went out for a little bit, cool bar: posada de las animas by san boal
*grammar test results

Martes (Tuesday):
*intercambio was great
*went out to the bars, a little wild

Miercoles (Wednesday):
*during my break, did a research survery for a doctoral student of the actual university. interesting survey.
*went into San Sebastian iglesia right next to school, small but very pretty..prayed for a little bit.
*watched Anchorman at the Residencias

Jueves (Thursday):
*played volleyball
*good lunch with Paco and Lourdes
*out and pregamed at residencia

Sabado (Saturday):
*went to Segovia for the aquaducts, gothic churches, synagogue, castle sleeping beauty, jardines de palacio


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