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Sunday, August 08, 2010

Day 8: Salamanca

Class was quite long today. I just wasn’t feeling good. Someone outside in my first class had a zumafuna (those horns that they played in the World Cup games that sound like a bunch of bees) and it is a lot more annoying in person; it didn’t bother me on tv but holy crap did it give me a bad headache. I had to go to the bathroom twice just to close my eyes and get some darkness…I think it was a migraine. Last night we had dinner at an Italian Restaurant. It was a really romantic place inside but we sat outside (Mark of course had to take the lead and tell us where to eat) but it was nothing like an Olive Garden. It was a really authentic Italian restaurant. I ordered risotto con setas (mushrooms) and it was pretty good but Cameron got what he thought was lasagna but it was so weird. First off it came with chopsticks but there was no way you could pick it up with one and the only lasagna noodles in it was one on the bottom and one on top and it was really undercooked it was weird I didn’t know if you were supposed to eat the lasagna noodles or not . I also ordered an apple martini (I couldn’t resist baby lol) but I didn’t think it was strong as the ones in America but it comes in a HUGE glass so it did its job and we all shared some wine. So everyone was a little buzzed and wanted to go out so we did. Oh I met Mark’s room mate, Andrew. He goes to Virginia Tech and he’s been here since the first summer session and he leaves in a week. He’s really cool, we talked a lot during dinner and when we went out to the bars. I love my room mate and everyone in my groups but it’s nice to have someone who has my sense of humor. We just made fun of each other the whole time and everyone’s like, You guys just met and you’re talking to each other like this lol. He was very sarcastic and could actually pick up my humor, sometimes Emily or Lauren don’t get it and I have to explain that I’m kidding lol. So he was cool and we went to Irish Rover where they had karaoke night but the people singing were awful so we didn’t stay there long then we went to Camelot and danced for a bit and then we were going to go home but everyone wanted to go to one more so I kept yelling that I wanted to go to La Chupiteria but instead we went to the bar across from it and it seemed okay, kind of like a Y Bar in Kalamazoo though so yeah.
Class was pretty interesting even though I had a migraine. Grammar was alittle hard but I just have to review for it. A new girl sat next to me. She’s from Germany and moved down to our class from Superior. She said she’s never taken classes in Spanish, she just has a lot of friends that speak it so she speaks really good but is having some problems with Grammar. Spanish Grammar is just the hardest (everyone has to take a grammar class) so it’s the one that needs work. But in my history class we were talking about the Reyes Catolicos and then he brought up an interesting story: Queen Isabel met with Christopher Columbus for the last time before he discovered the U.S. here in Salamanca and Queen Isabel asked the professors of the University of Salamanca then to be at the meeting and they helped her decide whether to let Columbus sail or not. It’s crazy how old Spain is. The school’s older than America! Because of my migraine, I went back home during my break to try and nap. I felt so independent because I already know how to get to most of the places I need to and their streets are harder to navigate because each is a cobble stone road that all has shops to it so it all kind of looks the same but I found some landmarks that help me distinguish each street. It only took me like ten mintes to get home and as soon as I found my bed, I was a lot better! I took like a 25 minute nap and it helped me so much. Plus Paul called so that helped a lot. I went to my culture class after that and we talked about the politics and how Spain is divided up into 16 different autonomic communities with each city belong to one. It’s a little crazy with my History and Culture course because I can understand but it’s just crazy that I’m taking a history class and a culture class in a different language so I have to learn the information plus learn the language he’s speaking. And my teacher for that class, Enrique, just starts and doesn’t stop..he doesn’t even take a breath. Like Emily is thinking of changing into a different history class because he goes so fast and he doesn’t really change his tone so you can’t pick out keywords. But I’m passionate about the history and culture so I get really into it so that’s cool. After class we had lunch and there was a guy at Lourdes’ house when we came home! His name is Paco and he seems a little older but he might be the same age as Lourdes we just don’t know because she looks young for 50 lol. They didn’t really say who he was so I’m thinking it’s her boyfriend or something. Vanessa,her oldest daughter, also had lunch with us. She wore the same clothes she wore to lunch the day before. But she was extra dressed up and had extra make up so I felt like I was the kid out on a date with the parents haha. But he seems nice, he just talked really fast but soft so I didn’t try to talk to him too much. He did ask if I was Philippino and if my parents were both Philippino so I said yes but I live in the U.S. They don’t understand that you can be American but have a different nationality because I told him I lived in the U.S. and he was a little confused at first at how I could be 100% Filipino but live in the U.S. and Emily said she was German so they were like so you’re not from the U.S.? lol. But sooo funny. Lunch was going good, Lourdes acts more and more affectionate and responds well when we talk about our day and how we like the food but then this happened! So we had bistec (steak) and it’s just like how my Mommy makes it but their meat is lean and there’s not too much sauce or oil and we had peas it was peas with like oil and parmesan cheese I think but after that we had a watermelon. Well Emily tried to cut the watermelon with a knife instead of eating it with her hands and all of a sudden she goes “lo siento” really loud and I look down and see her watermelon’s broken in half but so is the PLATE!! she broke the plate..I laughed so hard and me and the guy Paco kept saying “muy fuerta” (very strong!) lol but luckily Lourdes didn’t get mad but thought it was funny too. Lourdes and Paco were cleaning their dishes and I told them I like the song on and he said he likes to sing and dance and he started to dance and play the air guitar lol and then Lourdes started to sing, it was funny.
We did our homework in the ISA office after our siesta and comida. Then it was time for our FUTBOL game. I wasn’t really that excited about it because I don’t even remember the last time I played soccer and I didn’t have clean socks so I wore my Pumas without socks. But once we got going, it was actually really fun! We had to wear orange mesh vests and we took a team picture with Rodrigo. We went to this park near the River of Trio, Salamanca’s river and it’s a cool area. We got beat 5-1 but the other team, Summer 3 did say that this was the most challenging game they’ve played! I kicked the ball like 5 times and stole the ball once! So that was fun..I played FUTBOL in SPAIN! It’s probably how people feel playing American football for the first time in America.
I have to do my homework now and pack for Portugal. It’s a 5 hour ride and we’re going after class tomorrow..I’m excited. I MISS YOU!!!


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