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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Day 6: Primer Dia de Clase en la Universidad de Salamanca y Dia 7: Seguna Dia

Last night was fun...not as fun as El Kapitol but it was very fun none the less! We met people under the clock at midnight..Cameron's friends who took us on the tour when we first got here didn't come but it's okay because Marc brought his two German room mates, Sebastian and Francisco..Francisco's from Germany but he goes to school in England so he's got partially an English accent and part German when he's speaking Spanish..so funny to hear! We also met up with the two girls that are in our group now. They've been here all summer and they just keep going with the programs so now they're in our group since Summer 3 is almost over they have to switch over. One's name is Jessica and she's from New Jersey and she looks like she's from New Jersey unlike Portia..she's got big Jersey hair but like in a greasy way, not a poof. And she carries herself like she's from Jersey, always slouching and has a smoker's voice. I'm nice to her and all but when we showed up to meet her she made fun of us for wearing heels sayin we were gonna fall blah blah basically making themselves seem so knowledgable and us so new (which obviously we are)..too bad she doesn't know I wear heels to class and can do it on cobble stones too lol but she's been nice besides that comment. Bonnie's from Cincinatti and she seems nice, doesn't say a whole lot. We all walked to this place Gatsby that gives you 12 shots for 5 euros and of course they give you all the shots at the same time and of course I tried to tell myself I'd take them gradually but nope me and Cameron shared them and finished them very quickly, oops lol. But after that I had a Heineken. This place is crazy..there's bright slinkies hanging all crazy on the ceiling and it makes the floors glow..there's like indian masks hanging on the walls and oh yeah there's a pool in the back of the bar with a guy(lifeguard) watching over it. There's signs saying You'll get Electrecuted lol (it's a joke..I guess Jessica actually wrote it for them because they didn't know how to write it in English) and not to bring drinks in so it is legit..you can swim while you're drunk there! lol Then we went to Cubic and it seems like a really cool place but it was literally dead, lilke one guy at the bar and it was huge so it was just ridiculous if we would have stayed so we decided we'll go there on a weekend or a thursday to actually see it. Then we walked to Camelot which looks like a castle from the outside and all the tables look like little castles and once you get in there's a dance floor and the bar's on the side and in the back you'll see some grass and 2 little fountains and you think it's just decorations but once you get closer you see it's a stage! So we got on the stage which is literally grass and it's wet because of the fountains..it was crazy to dance on it but I had to. This guy came up to me and said in Spanish "Quiero El?" and he was pointing out somewhere in the crowd so it took me awhile to even see where he was pointing and it looked like he was pointing to this girl so I said "Ella?" LOL oops and I didn't understand what he was saying until the end when I realized he was asking me if I liked his one friend then another guy came up and he said "We'll be right back and show you" but I said "No no hablo mas espanol lo siento" lol and they didn't come back so that was that thank goodness, I hate awkward situations. and I hate dancing with anyone that's not Paul :[. But then my new shoes that I was wearing started to hurt on the grass and it was allready like 3AM and I had to be up and ready for my first day of class so then I went home! Oh I almost forgot! Before we went to Camelot, we went to the bar two stores down from our house mom's apartment..it's called Jacko's Bar (NOT kidding) and there's drinks called Thriller lol and they have pictures of Michael Jackson everywhere and play his music videos and songs non stop! It's hilarious..I got a Thriller drink, it was pretty good! When you order a cocktail drink here, it comes in a huge glass, not complaining it's just funny lol.
Now to today...my first day of class! I wasn't really nervous because the directors said the first day was easy..wrong lol. First in my grammar class, I sat down and looked around and realized that everyone was asian!! except for 2 brazil girls (one doesn´t speak english and not good spanish, strictly portugese it seems but the other girl lived in boston so she knows english so she seems cool, hopefully I´ll get to know her better). All the asian kids knew each other already so it didn´t seem like I could get to know them and it didn´t seem like they spoke English but when the teacher asked them how long they´ve been here they said like 4-6 months so they´re fluent in Spanish now, great! the teacher went off this information and assumed everyone was super fluent but of course not I who´s only been there for 2 days lol but after I got over how fast she was talking and how fast she was going over the material, I focused in a little bit more and realized I could understand her just not super well so I´m going to stick with this class. I´m not going to go down a level because I tested into this superior-advanced level and I want to challenge myself with her..my culture and history aren´t super challenging because I already know the gist of the history of Spain. I did meet one semi friend in that grammar class..Peter (aka Pablo) who I couldn't figure out where the heck he was from because he kept saying what sounded like Paloma to me(which is in Spain) but he clearly looks like he's from Serbia or something..found out later that he's Polish when the teacher asked him if something was the same in Poland as it was in Spain lol.
At night: We went to the ISA office to study..it's nice because it's only a 5 minute walk at the most from the university (which looks more like a very old but very well kept Cathedral than a school) and they have a computer lab and couches and the directors are there to help us with our classes. So I just did my homework there which was an excercise on Preterite and Imperfect past tenses..stuff I haven't gone over since Freshman year probably and we covered it in a day lol so I reviewed it and did the homework which actually wasn't that bad in the end. I feel like I am gaining a lot more focus and insight into school like there's a lot more distractions in Michigan or people make more distractions in the States but here it's like you go to school and do it..not a whole lot of complaining and I could learn from that. After we did our homework, we went to visit the Residencias (dorms) where Cameron, Portia, Connie, Beatriz, and the couple live.
It's a lot further than our place from everything but that's because we live like 2 minutes from the Plaza Mayor (if you guys haven't googled up a picture of plaza mayor yet you should!) and 5 minutes from classes lol. It reminded me a lot of my UIC dorms. It's really nice but it's funny because the furniture in the lounges and some in the rooms are IKEA furniture! It's really pretty though..they have a garden and a nice patio area. each room has a lounge area set up like my UIC dorm. Someone comes once a day to clean after them but I actually don't mind not having this because hello I'm here to learn independence and stuff not have a maid. But the thing I'm jealous of the most of their place besides that the rooms are a little bigger is that if they have a balcony, their view is a gorgeous church! it just looks so european having that as your view from your balcony!
Today I drank some coffee for breakfast..first off, they're so known for their coffee you know but it's instant coffee is what the hotels, our house mom, the dorms, etc offer lol...so I got the courage to do it withhout asking our house mom cus she just puts out our breakfast the night before which is milk (that they leave out like they do in the philippines) and the juice (which i don't remember if we just leave our juice out or not), some cookies and some croissants..they don't eat a big breakfast here at all. So I put some water in the cup and put only one spoon ful of coffee and our house mom came out for breakfast and told me "No, necesitas poner a cafe en el microondo porque es frio" (sayin I needed to heat up the water for it in the microwave) but the she touched it and said "Ah es calor" (oh it's hot) and she told me "muy buena chica" so she was proud of me and my coffee skills! haha so I had my coffee then took a banana and a croissant to go.
And headed off to the 2ndd day of classes. I felt a lot more confident going this time because I reviewed some stuff the night before. I came to my grammar class and talked to the girl who's from Boston (Luanna) for a little bit, she seems nice but during class when we were going over the future tense she was talking to herself and doing the problems but she was pretty loud and it was a little weird.


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