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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

24 de Agosto:Salamanca

It´s getting so close to being over and I¨m not ready to leave Spain (I´m ready to go home but I don´t feel like I can say bye to Salamanca but I will have to!) Yesterday (The 24th) was my first day of finals! I had my history and culture final! I studied for my history one a lot because I took so many notes and he gives so much information. When I was taking the history test I thought it was a little rough and a little tricky like one question was who was Andrew Lerroux and I chose that he was the President of the Republic but he´s actually the president of the government republic lol I was like come on. We got it back today, Emily got a 12/20 and I got a 15/20 and the way he was talking about it made it seem like my grade was a B and her grade got her a passing grade so i hope that´s right. I´m going to double check with him during my culture class after I write this when I get back that test. Hopefully that test went better cus I felt better about it but we´ll see..some questions were really easy and some were a little tricky, it´s the same teacher for both classes and I love him but he´s too smart for his own good. And he´s got piercing blue eyes so every girl just stares at them in class and no one pays super attention lol. After my classes, I had an interesting lunch! Lourdes (our house mom) had to go to a conference for her work from Monday - Thursday so Emily and I for lunch had to meet her daughter Lorena (the 21 yr old) at the house for lunch time and she walked us to their restaurant! It´s only like 5 minutes away walking and it´s called El Fogon..it´s set up where all the food is out there and you pick out what you want and it´s to go..it´s like a healthy alternative to taking fast food to go which is cool..she said they get really busy for lunch. It was so cool cus her daughter is the cook for their restaurant so she was so excited to pick food for us to eat for lunch so we brought that back to eat and it was delicious! Then we had our siesta, I talked to TIm on Skype for a litle bit and we went to the ISA Office to study for our grammar test then we decided as a treat for our hard work we would go to the best Chocolateria in Salamanca called Valor and get some chocolate con churros to go! Oh, I forgot to say that during our grammar class and our 10 minute break Vicki and I (the girl from Taiwan that´s really American bc she went to Miami Ohio and lived in NYC) went to Valor for coffee and she thought it would be cute to buy some chocolate for our grammar class because we love the teacher and the class, it was really cute! I think tomorrow I´m going to ask to take a picture with each teacher if that´s not too creepy..I just want to remember them! So we took our chocolate con churros home and itw as heaven! Mom you owuld have loved this place, best chocolate! I tried to buy you coffee or some kind of chocolate but I couldn´t but so the chocolate for dipping is really rich and good and the churros are the length of the churros in the States times four lol. We studied some more then got ready for our farewell dinner with the ISA directors and our Summer 4 group. Everyone got dressed up and we all met under the clock tower at the plaza mayor and walked with Sofia one ouf our directors for like 20 minutse I didn´t know where we were going! We finally get to this restaurant that´s kinda far for us but close to the Residencias and met up with Rodrigo!! We had the whole restaurant to ourselves so I guess it was worth the walk lol! And the dinner was free!! We got pepsi and water for free! They fed us all a plate of paella then a plate of mini steaks and fries AND a block of ice cream..I have never been more full in my life, I couldn´t eat everything and they would take my plate away because I eat so slow lol. It was really fun, we bonded with Rodrigo a lot and I´m going to miss him so much. The only weird thing was that Cameron and Lauren sat next to me and only talked to each other and no one else in our table but whatever, that´s their lost.if she wants to cheat on her 3 yr boyfriend rather than enjoy Spain and new people and get to know a person who´s lived in Salamanca his whole life (Rodrigo) then that´s on them. After dinner Rodrigo and I asked the waiter to take a group picture and it was so cute! On the walk back to our place and the residencias for some people, I found a photo booth randomly on the streets!!! It´s like the ones you see at at the mall so I had to stop and do it! But there were 6 of us and we were alll trying to fit in their. We were dying of laughter because we couldn´t understand the machine and I ended up picking a background that said te quiero with a heart for all 6 of us lol and we were all sooo squished! I´m keeping it as a souvenir (I realized the only thing I really want for my bday is a scrapbook so I can put all these memories in too!) We went back to our apartment after that (which is literally our apartment because no one´´s home which is pretty cool cus I feel more independent)! After we studied, we decided we could go out for like an hour and a half and still be back in bed by the time we usually are anyway. So Mark (who's last day is Thursday but his last night is Wednesday night!) met us downstairs then we walked to the clock to meet up with Corrado (portia's italian man), Connie and Bia (California girls), Nikolas (the Belgium) and Max & Alex (the Germans one) and we went to Gatsby (of course! it's like the grotto for me here except I actually do like it but I go there all the time..the guys love it cus the shots are strongest at Gatsby and there's a pool in the back that some drunk ppl jump in sometime. Ohmygod last night these 3 guys asked us at 4 different times if we would go in the pool with them..I dont know how many times I said no! Then when they finally took the no they came back and tried to dance, like they'd just stand behind me and pretend that they just happened to be that close for no erason and they were also dancing. I went home a lil earlier than I was going to because of those dummies. But the Europeans are so funny...they love the Americans song and they don't take dancing seriously they just like make fun of it like we were pretending to do all these funny moves like the sprinker lol. I love those guys..we just make fun of each other! They decided last night though that they would on several occassions get me in the middle and party boy me omygosh I waslike don't spill my drinks! Alex and Corrado kept buying us chupitos! First tequila then I was like I'm going home soon I can't do tequila so they're like fine "manzana" (apple) in a girly voice so we did apple lol but their apple is stronger. Man I would pick the one town in SPain that's famous for their chupiterias! lol I went home after that though so I could get up early for my grammar test!
PS. Update: Didn't do as well as I wanted for history and culture but got what I think is a B..i dont know their grading system is messed up lol
Miss you!


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